Soft nougats

Soft nougat production

The soft nougat has a cooking that usually does not exceed 2 hours; this allows a higher humidity of the mix; this factor in combination with the different recipe produces a softer dough.

Gianduia paste with hazelnuts and rum
/ 3.52 oz

cod. art.91/1 | cod. EAN 8008146065091

Soft nougat with almonds and honey
/ 3.52 oz

cod. art.92/1 | cod. EAN 8008146065077

Soft nougat with pistachio
/ 3.52 oz

cod. art.94/1 | cod. EAN 8008146065053

Soft nougat with coffee
/ 3.52 oz

cod. art. 97/1 | cod. EAN 8008146065060